Scope of Services

We provide a full range of services, from repairing to inspection and maintenance works:

  • General Service of Indoor & Outdoor Units             
  • Chemical Flushing of Outdoor Unit
  • Refill of Refrigerant (R-22*, R410A)
  • Supply & Install of New Air-conditioning Units
  • Dismantle & Reinstall of Used Air-conditioners 
  • Repairing & Replacement of Faulty Parts
  • Maintenance of Air-conditioning Systems

  • Designing of Electrical Route System
  • Electrical Works in Extra Low Voltage (ELV)
  • Industrial Wiring & Earthing Work
  • System Networking, eg: CAT5 & CAT6
  • Installation of Public Address System (PA)
  • Installation of Security System (CCTV)
  • Telecommunication System Cabling
  • Master Antenna Television System Networking, MATV

*Based on availability as stocks are no longer in production